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Please note that annual membership runs from January 1st through to the end of 31st December. The club requires all pilots to have current BMFA Insurance.

We offer a BMFA renewal service, free of charge. We encourage that members renew there own insurance via the BMFA website

If you are new to the hobby, we recommend that you arrange a visit to Witham Field prior to spending your hard earned money, where you will find cflub members who will happily give you advice on what you need to learn to fly....

We offer a 3 trial visit, must be accompanied by an existing club member or committee member....

To encourage younger members to join we are now offering FREE membership to under 16 year old, they MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times & hold BMFA insurance, NO EXCETPTIONS

We offer several methods of payment - Cash Payment, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer. We encourage payment to be made by PayPal, cheques will not be accepted, Contact for further info on payment

Membership Application - MS-WORD PDF

If you should wish to join, please call Secretary or contact a committee member by either vising the field or send email or bu oout facebook page .

Subscriptions for 2023 are as follows:-

  BMFA Annual Club Annual CAA Annual Fee *1/2 Year Fee
Adult £42 £55 £10 £35
Junior £20   -  
Family Membership* POA £100 -  
Family Junior* £13.00   -
Non Flyer's/Helpers £20 £20   £10

*Half Year fee, After Aug 1st we reduce the Adult/Senior member fees to £25, Juniors under 16 are free

*Family Membership - a family of 4 who wish to join at a fixed cost, we offer additional family members up to 16 will incur the family junior rate. All Family Members of any age MUST hold a BMFA Membership & Insurance, including none flying club members.

All renewals MUST be paid by 31st Jan, no exceptions.

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